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Locally owned and operated Jay R Mechanical in Niagara, is your source for dependable professional HVAC contractors. Our company was established more than a decade ago, and since then, we’ve cemented a reputation for high-quality work and great customer care. You can rely on us for:

We can fix everything from faulty thermostats and broken pilot lights to compromised gas lines. If your air duct has a leak in it, that can allow dust and dirt to accumulate, affecting your indoor air quality. Our team will quickly seal the leaks and clean out the ductwork. To ventilate your property without losing heat, you can ask us to install a heat-recovery ventilator.

Proudly serving the Greater St. Catharines region, Jay R Mechanical will quickly send someone to your location to inspect your comfort system. Our employees are highly skilled. If you need the services of licensed HVAC contractors, get in touch with us today.

Jay Roelofson

President and Found

Our Team

Nicole Roelofson



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